Shipping&Delivery Policy

When you place your order, we begin processing and shipping your items as quickly as possible. Each product requires some time for the packing and sorting  before we can ship. Most orders ship within 1 to 3 days. However, in peak seasons, shipment can take up to 5 business days.

 We offer FREE shipping worldwide

We are partnered with major carriers around the world and depending on where you are, your order may be shipped by DHL, UPS, FedEx, or your local postal authority.

Delivery Times

USA Customers

Shipping from our Facility 5-28 Business Days
Shipping from our Manufacturers 7-28 Business Days

International Customers

Shipping from 
our  Facility
5-28 Business Days
Shipping from our Manufacturers 7-30 Business Days

** THESE ARE ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMES. Sometimes there may be delays due to the shipping carrier or international customs sorting.

Order Fulfillment 

We ship daily from Monday through Saturday, 52 weeks a year except for Sundays and holidays. Orders placed by 10.00 PM CST or 04.00 AM Sunday-Friday will start to be made the next day. Occasionally orders may not ship the ‘next-day’ due to stock issues, lacking order information or billing delays. Orders placed on Saturdays will ship the following Monday or next open business day.

Will I be charged duty or import fees?

All prices listed on the website are pre-tax and pre-import fees. We artificially mark down our product cost and label it on certain orders to lower the tax burden for our customers

For US Customers: orders under the value of $800 should not be charged additional duty, taxes, or fees. 

For EU Customers: some orders of value greater than 22 euros may be subject to VAT upon reception depending on the source country.

For other International Customers: please refer to your own country's policies in regards to importing tax and duty.



In the case you are charged additional tax, duty, and/or import fees, we are not liable for those payments.

If you fail to pick up the item from your local import authorities and the item gets sent back, we can only offer a partial refund deducting our shipping and processing costs.